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Committed | PLM is loyal to all possible assignments

Communicative | PLM is able to communicate in several required languages

Innovative | PLM is providing custom solutions for every possible request

Motivated | PLM is providing services from start until the end

Passionate | PLM is born and raised with technology, and therefore passionate about it

Positive | PLM has a positive attitude for every assignment

Reliable | PLM is a trustworthy partner for its products and services


Site area | 30.000 m2

Site pilot | 8.700 m2

Harbour | PLM private harbour for ship servicing and loading

Lifting capacities | PLM harbour crane lifting over 100 tons


1953 | The night of Sunday the 1st of February, the biggest flood in history hit the Netherlands, causing more than 2000 people to die because of this disaster. After the North Sea flood of 1953, a Delta Works Commission was installed to research the causes and develope measures to prevent such disasters in the future. They revised some of the old plans and came up with the "Deltaplan". Jan Pulleman (founder of PLM) started a crane rental company for supporting the Delta Works in 1954. PLM had more than fifty (50) cranes for hiring: NCK, Priestman and Ruston Bucyrus where the brands in that time.


1980 | PLM became an official Priestman servicing an retailing company in 1980. PLM imported Priestman cranes from England to Netherlands and other foreign countries.


1990 | At the end of the eighties, Priestman ceased it’s crane production, and PLM started designing and constructing its first crane. After that PLM became a crane manufacturer, and is designing and building series and customer specific cranes. Because of the years of experience and knowledge, PLM became a world leading manufacturer of reliable, heavy duty cycle cranes for several industries specially designed for the required applications.

About PLM
About PLM
About PLM
About PLM
About PLM

PLM Cranes B.V.

Sluisweg 25

4794 SW Heijningen

The Netherlands


T: +31 (0) 167 - 52 85 10


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