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PLM Gantry


Custom made gantry under DNV desgin approval and survey during construction to be delivered mid 2023.

PLM 827E


Fully comissioned and ready to use PLM 827E used for loading and unloading ships.

PLM 15000E


PLM 15000E Revealed to the public during the Wereldhavendagen in Rotterdam.

PLM DB14 Drop Ball Magnet Crane


PLM sold four (4) new PLM DB14's for the drop ball magnet industry and started production. Delivery date: December 2016

PLM 15000 E Heavy Lift Ringer Crane


PLM started production of a full electric heavy lift ringer crane. The crane can lift up to 680t at 22m and is able to operate on land and on water.

PLM 1220 4-rope Grab Crane


PLM started production of a custom build PLM 1220 bulk handling and stevedoring crane with a Tier 4 final engine. Delivery date: June 2016


Lifting capacity: 12t at 20m.

PLM 1615 4-rope Grab Crane


PLM has replaced a 22 year old PLM 80 dredging crane for a brand new PLM 1615. Production time 5 months


Lifting capacity: 16t at 15m.

PLM 1215 4-rope Grab Cranes


PLM started production of three PLM 1215 dredging cranes mounted on a DAMEN dredging ship. Production time for 3 cranes: 6 months


Lifting capacity: 12t at 15m.

PLM DB14 Drop Ball Magnet Cranes


PLM sold five (5) new PLM DB14's and started production. Delivery date: December 2015

PLM Gantry Crane


PLM Cranes sold a custom build indoor gantry and is finishing it's production Delivery date: March 2015

PLM 1217 4-rope Grab Crane


PLM Cranes sold a PLM 1217 dredging crane and started production Delivery date: July 2015


Lifting capacity: 12t at 17m.

PLM DB12 Drop Ball Magnet Cranes


PLM Cranes sold three new drop ball magnet cranes and started production Delivery date: March 2015.

PLM 2014 4-rope Grab Cranes


PLM Cranes delivered two brand new dredging grab cranes mounted on a modular PLM Barge   Lifting capacity: 20t at 14m.

PLM 825 4-rope Grab Crane


PLM Cranes delivered a new grab crane for stevedoring and bulk handling mounted on a PLM Barge. A crane made for duty cycle use   Lifting capacity: 8t at 15m.

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PLM Cranes B.V.

Sluisweg 25

4794 SW Heijningen

The Netherlands


T: +31 (0) 167 - 52 85 10


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