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PLM 827E 

Application | The PLM 827E is used for loading and unloading ships.


Type | PLM 827E

Description | Fully electric crane

Jib-boom length | 34 meter

Crane capacity | 8 metric tons

Crane weight | Approx. 140 metric tons 

Tail radius | 5150mm

Drive | Full electric drives

Installed capacity | 300 kW

Undercarriage | Rail undercarriage

Features| Extremely silent due to electric drives in combination with a special made silent packs. 

Wide wheel spacing due to maximum allowed pressure per stake.

Lightning plan to ensure close by high rise will not be bothered by use of the crane.

PLM Cranes B.V.

Sluisweg 25

4794 SW Heijningen

The Netherlands


T: +31 (0) 167 - 52 85 10


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