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Ship crane

You can use a ship crane for different applications, especially when it’s a custom-made ship crane. Crane manufacturer PLM is a Dutch company and designs and manufacturers different kinds of cranes. We have many years of experience in the field of cranes and operate on a worldwide level. You can be our next customer!

What makes a PLM ship crane unique?

At PLM, all cranes are custom-made. Therefore, it’s possible to provide every customer the best possible ship crane, that can be used for the required applications. Our ship cranes are characterized by reliable and robust designs and are thereby a perfect fit for marine applications. There is a lifting capacity of 2 to 400 tons at all possible ranges. If you need a ship crane with higher lifting capacities, you can make a special request. You also have to choose an undercarriage. PLM offers the following options for a ship crane:

  • Pedestal (box);

  • Gantry;

  • Rail;

  • Special undercarriage under request.

Do you need spare parts?

Even when you only need spare parts for your ship crane, PLM can help you. We deliver spare parts for all our crane in time and on location. For more information, you can call +31 (0) 167 - 52 85 10.

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PLM Cranes B.V.

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The Netherlands


T: +31 (0) 167 - 52 85 10


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