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Grab crane

PLM is a grab crane manufacturer located in the Netherlands. In 1953 there was a big flood in the Netherlands which caused one of the biggest disasters the country has ever seen. Therefore, the Delta Works were built to prevent such disasters in the future. PLM was part of this building process. It rented more than fifty cranes. In former times, PLM was only a servicing and retailing company. In 1990, we started designing and constructing the first crane. This became a great success and nowadays we’re a world leading manufacturer of reliable and heavy duty cycle cranes for multiple industries. Besides, we also supply other products like a grab dredger, undercarriages or barges.

Experienced grab crane and dredger manufacturer

grab crane is used for handling large volumes of different materials. There are different industries in which it’s used. First a grab crane is often used in combination with a grab dredger. Dredging is an excavation activity. Usually it’s carried out underwater for gathering up sediments which can be disposed to a different location afterwards. Besides, our grab cranes can also be used for bulk handling and stevedoring. They’re all custom-made and have a unique design. Moreover, they have maximum unloading operating capacities. Our cranes are rigid and duty cycle. This has helped us to become a world leading grab crane and dredger manufacturer.

Low maintenance

Every grab crane or dredger needs maintenance ones in a while. However, PLM grab cranes are very low maintenance. When maintenance is necessary, we can take care of it. It doesn’t even matter where the grab crane is located. We want to be more than just a grab crane manufacturer. We offer our customers worldwide services from A to Z.

Additional services

Besides maintenance we also can give you technical support, take of revisions and repairs, test cranes and deliver spare parts in time on location. These services are offered 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! Not every grab crane and dredger manufacturer will offer you the same fast and decisive support when required.

Want to know more about PLM? Contact us

For more information about our products and services, you can contact us by calling +31 (0) 167 - 52 85 10. Hopefully, we will be your grab crane and dredger manufacturer in the future.

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