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Hydraulic crane manufacturers

There are many hydraulic crane manufacturers. However, not all manufacturers can provide you the same qualitative products and services as the Dutch company PLM. We’re a worldwide leader in the field of crane design and manufacturing. PLM was founded in 1954, just after the big flood in the Netherlands. We rented cranes to support the Delta Works. Later on, we started to design and build our own cranes.

Hydraulic crane manufacturers wanted!

If you’re looking for hydraulic crane manufacturers, you can stop immediately. PLM is a professional crane manufacturer with years of experience. We manufacture different cranes, like grab cranes, hoist cranes, marine cranes and drop ball cranes. We’re specialized in all sorts of drive, like:

  • Diesel hydraulic cranes;

  • Electric hydraulic cranes;

  • Diesel electric cranes;

  • Fully electric cranes.

First, the diesel hydraulic cranes have all a diesel engine which powers up to several hydraulic circuits, depending on the applications. The electric hydraulic cranes on the other hand have one electric motor which runs several hydraulic circuits.

More information about cranes and their drives

Before you decide whether you want a diesel hydraulic or electric hydraulic crane we can first give you more information. We can also tell you what makes our hydraulic cranes unique with respect to the ones of other hydraulic crane manufacturers. Call +31 (0) 167 - 52 85 10 for more information.

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PLM Cranes B.V.

Sluisweg 25

4794 SW Heijningen

The Netherlands


T: +31 (0) 167 - 52 85 10


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