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Pedestal crane

A pedestal crane can be bought at world leading manufacturer and distributer PLM. We have designed and manufactured several cranes and are always loyal to all possible assignments and try to provide the best possible custom solutions for every request. In PLM you’ll definitely find a trustworthy partner.

A custom-made pedestal crane

At PLM we design and manufacture different kinds of cranes. These are all custom-made. We can design and manufacture a grab cranehoist cranemarine crane or drop ball crane for you. There are several undercarriages for your crane. A pedestal is just one of the possible undercarriages for your crane. A pedestal is very suited for a grab crane, hoist crane or marine crane. We can always discuss the benefits of a pedestal crane for your industry and application.

Other PLM undercarriages

PLM offers more than one undercarriages. Besides the pedestal, one can also choose a gantry, rail, crawler and rubber tyres as an undercarriage for a crane. Moreover, one can even request other special undercarriages. You can call PLM to ask about the possibilities. Our phone number is +31 (0) 167 - 52 85 10. We hope to help you in designing and manufacturing a pedestal crane that meets all your requirements.

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