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Derrick crane manufacturers

You can find derrick crane manufacturers all over the world, but which one can offer you the best products and services? PLM guarantees you to provide services from start until the end. We’re loyal to all possible assignments and always have a positive attitude and see what’s possible. Moreover, we’re a trustworthy partner and provide custom solutions which fit the customer’s requirements.

PLM: expert among derrick crane manufacturers

Thanks to many years of operating, designing and manufacturing experience and our practical orientated mindset PLM is different from other derrick crane manufacturers is many ways. We’re known for our custom-made cranes and service all over the world. You will also notice this if you let us design and manufacture a derrick crane. A derrick crane is a lifting device which is fixed. You can recognize this crane by its long, fixed length tower. At PLM, we can design a derrick crane which completely fits your wishes and needs.

Contact us for more information

Do you want to know more about derrick cranes or other hoist cranes? Or do you want to know in which way we distinguish ourselves from other derrick crane manufacturers? You’re always welcome to contact us by calling +31 (0) 167 - 52 85 10.

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