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Dredging crane

A dredging crane is mainly used for excavation activities underwater. For example, one uses it to gather bottom sediments in order to dispose them. It helps to keep waterways navigable. You can order a dredging crane at PLM. Our company was founded in 1954, just after the biggest flood in the history of the Netherlands. We were a rental company for cranes that supported the Delta Works. After that, the company developed more and more. Nowadays, we do not only rent cranes, but also design and construct them ourselves. We are a world leading manufacturer of reliable cranes which can be used for several applications.

A dredging crane with high lifting capacities

PLM is supplier of many grab cranes. They can handle large volumes of different materials. Besides, dredging, a grab crane can also be used for bulk handling and stevedoring. A dredging crane is custom designed for every customer in order to create maximum unloading operating capacities. Besides, it is a rigid, duty cycle, low maintenance crane. It has a 2 to 50 lifting capacity (1500 ton/hour) at all possible ranges. Higher lifting capacities can be requested.

Make an appointment

If you want to discuss the possibilities for manufacturing a dredging crane, you can contact PLM by calling +31 (0) 167 - 52 85 10. We hope we can soon make an appointment with you.

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