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Floating crane

Are you looking for a professional floating crane manufacturer? PLM is worldwide supplier of duty cycle cranes. We design, manufacture and deliver them to customers in many countries. The company started as a crane rental company for supporting the Delta Works after the big flood in the Netherlands in 1953. Because of the many years of experience and knowledge, we were able to become a world leading manufacturer.

PLM: successful and world leading floating crane manufacturer

As a floating crane manufacturer, we can design and manufacture a custom-made floating crane for all possible applications. The floating crane is a type of sea vessel with a crane on it. It is mainly used for offshore construction. For example, it can be used in the construction of offshore oil rigs and in inland ports. PLM is worldwide known for the reliable and robust designs for marine applications. Our floating crane is up for every task. Besides, every floating crane at PLM is custom-made.

Technical support

We’re more than just a floating crane manufacturer. We can also provide technical solutions, both from a distance and on location. Besides, we can also take care of the maintenance of the floating crane, regardless of its location. Even repair in the most difficult environments is no challenge to us.

Commissioning and testing

To make sure your floating crane meets all the requirements, it’s necessary to commission and test this crane on a regular base. Our professional employees are certified and experienced enough for commissioning and testing all kinds of cranes.

Contact information

Our company is located in Heijningen, the Netherlands. Customers all over the world can contact us by calling +31 (0) 167 - 52 85 10. We can tell you all about our cranes and see whether it’s possible to design and manufacture the perfect floating crane for your company.

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PLM Cranes B.V.

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The Netherlands


T: +31 (0) 167 - 52 85 10


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