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Duty cycle crane

PLM is the manufacturer and distributer of different cranes, like a heavy duty cycle crane. We’re open for all possible assignments and are able to provide custom solutions for all our customers. PLM is committed, innovative, motivated, passionate and reliable. All our heavy duty cycle products contain the best possible design, materials and components for the job.

A heavy duty cycle crane for every application

We design all our cranes from scratch. In this way, we can customize them where required. The crane is therefore suited for the corresponding application and duty cycle. All our cranes can be divided into the following categories:

  • Grab cranes;

  • Hoist cranes;

  • Marine cranes;

  • Drop ball cranes.

There are different sorts of drives, like diesel-hydraulic cranes, electric-hydraulic cranes, diesel-electric cranes and fully electric cranes. We can advise you which kind of crane is the most suited for your industry and/or applications.

Technical support of our PLM engineers

When you let PLM design and manufacture a heavy duty cycle, you can count on technical support of our engineers. We can transform crane old-timers into almost new-build machines. Moreover, we can take care of all the maintenance and repair activities. We’re even experienced in commissioning and testing cranes. Please contact us if you want more information about our products by calling +31 (0) 167 - 52 85 10.

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